Translated ‘Ciak’ Magazine Interview

Remember that new Bryce interview and photo shoot that appeared in the April edition of the Italian Magazine Ciak a few weeks ago? (if not, catch up HERE) Well the lovely Alice was kind enough to translate the interview for us! This also marks the first official interview for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

You can read the full translated interview below and it can also be found on our Interviews page.


April 1, 2018 — “Lady Of The Dinosaurs” – Ciak Magazine (translated)

Her Claire is going back to Isla Nublar – this time, without heels. And Bryce Dallas Howard is thinking about directing.

What’s the question you’ve been asked the most about the Jurassic World sequel?
I was expecting something scientific about dinosaurs, or something philosophical about mankind’s desire to play God, yet all anybody wants to know is whether my Claire Dearing has stored her heels away or stubbornly keeps running around in them.


And the answer is…?
You, too! Well, when she’s back on the island, Claire is ready and better equipped with explorer’s boots. Though she does have her beloved heels when we first see her in the so-called civilization. The costume department wanted me to wear comfortable shoes, flats or sneakers. I insisted: are you kidding me? Claire is casually elegant, she would never give her heels up. Happy now?


She’s the focus of the story, this time…
Claire founded the Dinosaur Protection Group and is leading the return to the island to save them, also thanks to the aid of Owen Grady. So I’d say it’s more of a collaboration. Still, Claire’s evolution since the first scenes of Jurassic World is sensational. And it’s not over yet.


Do you have any suggestions for what her story will be in the third installment?
Maybe she could be the founder of a Dinosaur Party and become the new President of the United States. We could really use that…


What differences have you noticed between Colin Trevorrow, director of the first movie, and J. A. Bayona?
They are both great cinephiles, kind and brilliant – Spielberg, the producer, wouldn’t randomly choose his collaborators. J.A. has a more european approach, an irresistible accent and impeccable taste: he confessed, blushing, that his movie crush as a viewer has always been Penélope Cruz. And two years ago he had a cameo in La reina de España only because she was in it.


This is the first sequel in your career, is that correct?
Yes, and it was like coming back to a family. I have never been part of an ongoing tv series, so the only fitting comparison I can think of is that of a theater company, where the scripts change but the actors don’t. It’s wonderful.


What’s in your future plans?
Debuting as a director. I’ve done some short movies, commercials, documentaries, and I’ve done some theater directing. But I’m aiming at an actual movie.


The last time I interviewed your father he said he has a desire of going back to acting. And that he’s waiting to work with you.
That’s great, I’ll be happy to audition him. That’s what he did when he picked his mother, aka my grandma, for a part in Cocoon.

(Original Interview © Marco Giovannini, Ciak Magazine, April 2018)
Kindly translated by Alice.

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