First look at Jurassic World 2 Photo Shoot + UPDATES!

UPDATE: Full translated interview can be found HERE

The April edition of the Italian magazine, Ciak, revealed our first look at the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom photo shoot! We’re keeping a lookout for any HQ photos. Thanks to @owenpratt93 for sharing these scans!


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Bryce celebrated a joint birthday party with her dad, Ron Howard, on St. Patrick’s day this year! Check out the photos from the party below or in the gallery!

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Universal and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom partnered with many sponsors this time around, one of those being Dr. Pepper. Thus, Bryce’s Claire can now be found on boxes of Dr. Pepper! How cool! These boxes can be found at most Wal-Mart’s, Targets, and general distributors!

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We’ve also been adding some random Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom photos and updates which can be found below

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 x003 >> Movies >> Jurassic World >> Movie Stills → Here


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And as always, we’re keeping up with Bryce’s latest social media posts!

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