JWD Press Tour in Mexico Recap + Variety Magazine

The madness… err I mean fun is in full swing. Bryce was in Mexico along with her Jurassic World: Dominion co-stars to kick off the press tour in Mexico. The movie had it’s world premiere there on May 23 and some press continued until May 24. We saved everything we could and collected here below for you! Also, today Variety released their new cover featuring Bryce along side Laura Dern and DeWanda Wise. It’s a fantastic photoshoot and we have that coverage below as well! Enjoy!

NOTE: There are of course some small odds and ends that I couldn’t include in this post, it’s long enough already! So please feel free to browse our VIDEO PAGE and GALLERY for more!

First stop in Mexico was the talk show Venga La Alegría

x018 >> Talk Shows >> 2022 >>  Venga la Alegria – May 23, 2022 >> Social Media → Here


Next the group toured around Mexico City meeting fans. I’m going to combine May 23 and 24’s touring time together just to condense!

x019 >> Public Appearances >> 2022 >> Jurassic World: Dominion Press Tour in Mexico – May 23-24 → Here


Next was the world premiere of Jurassic World: Dominion and the red carpet event!

x094 >> Public Appearances >> 2022 >> Jurassic World: Dominion Mexico Premiere – May 23 → Here

There are currently 5 videos from the carpet. I’m not going to embed them all directly, but you can watch at your leisure by going to our video page HERE.

After the premiere, there was a Q&A with the cast. We don’t have the full Q&A (if you do, please let us know!), but we took bits and pieces shared by fans and combined them together. It’s better than nothing right?

x011 >> Public Appearances >> 2022 >> Jurassic World: Dominion Q&A – May 23 → HERE


Simultaneously, while the premiere was going on, NBC aired the original Jurassic World with some interludes with the Dominion cast. They called it “Jurassic World Night”. We of course captured everything new that was shown that night. The full video is below!

And finally today, Variety released the most amazing cover with a gorgeous photo shoot by no other than Art Streiber. He has always produced the BEST photos of Bryce and some of our ultimate favorite photoshoots of all time! Hopefully we get more photos from this shoot soon! They also released a little behind the scenes video on Instagram and an interview.

x011 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #120 (Art Streiber) → Here



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