Jurassic World: Dominion B-Roll & Interviews!

Hi all, we’re now within 1 month until Jurassic World Dominion is released!!! We’re approaching some exciting times, along with a lot of madness! We’ve had a small taste of that recently as you can see below! Also, our video page has been resurrected and ALLLLL videos are in the process of being added and all NEW videos are being added as they come out.

The B-roll along with an official on set interview with Bryce has been released by Universal. Caps from the B-Roll and the 2 videos can be found below!

x021 >> Movies >> 2022 >> Jurassic World: Dominion >> B-Roll Captures → HERE




Some press junket fun!

x007 >> Public Appearances >> 2022 >> Jurassic World: Dominion Press Tour – March-JuneHERE



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