TIFF Recap – Day 2

It’s day 2 for Bryce at the Toronto Film Festival and we have the coverage below!

By far the most exciting thing to come out of TIFF so far (outside of Bryce making her directorial debut!), are these breathtaking portraits!!

x017 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #110 (Gareth Cattermole) → Here


x017 >> Public Appearances >> HFPA and THR After Party at TIFF – September 7 → Here


That first photoshoot photo below looks like it will eventually go into a photo hoot album but for now, we’re putting it in our miscellaneous TIFF album (along with a few others that popped up today).

x003 >> Public Appearances >> Toronto International Film Festival – September 6-7, 2019 →Here


x001 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #109 (Celeste Sloman) → Here

x004 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Portraits → Here


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