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Bryce Dallas Howard was a guest on The Talk yesterday to promote Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Check out the coverage below!

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Bryce was also featured in a bunch of Interview articles yesterday, check them out below!

June 20, 2018‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ star Bryce Dallas Howard has no apology for her heels

The final footwear decision was hers at the time. Howard, who didn’t believe Claire would have flats in the office, turned down other workable concepts such as going barefoot (“I thought I’d get tetanus”) or a “Romancing the Stone” moment, chopping off the heels (“I didn’t want to copy that”).

“There was a point where we had to decide. I remember that day when I said, ‘I’m going to keep these shoes on, please,’ ” says Howard. “I always saw it as a really fun thing that she runs through the jungle in heels and the outfit gets totally demolished.”

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June 20, 2018Bryce Dallas Howard semi-risked her life to do this interview about Jurassic World with me

Oh, man, that’s a really lovely question. You know what? I’m lying right now in bed, doing these phoners, and I look to my left and there’s an ocean. Like, I’m in Hawaii. I’m in a really happy state that is, like, life is good. But…you know, because everyone’s been super nice to me, honestly, that’s the truth of it. That is the truth. Everyone’s been really, really, really kind to me. I have felt that.

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June 20, 2018‘Jurassic World’s’ Bryce Dallas Howard leaves footprints on trilogy

“It’s so great!” she said. “When I did (the other) movies, I remember thinking to myself, because I was seeing the actors who had gone through two movies together … of camaraderie, and I always wanted to be part of that, to be there in the beginning.

“This is a dream, and I’m so happy it’s happened at this stage of my life, and I get to do another­ one as I head towards 40.”

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June 20, 2018Why the heels are back in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

That “ability to grow and evolve,” Howard said, is one of her favorite things about Claire.

“In this movie, her journey is really one that leaves her in a place of vulnerability. Whereas in Jurassic World, she reconnected to her humanity, and she was really stepping into her power. Now we see that this is a woman who stepped into her power, and she’s connecting to her heart and her vulnerability.”

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June 20, 2018‘Jurassic World 2’ Star Bryce Dallas Howard Is OK With You Talking About Her Heels, But It’s Time To Let It Go

“I mean I fought to wear heels in this movie and ensure that we were tracking my footwear as kind of religiously as we were tracking the science. And I think that it’s become an element, a metaphor for my character and her journey, so I’m super down,” she says of Claire, who lest you forget, started out the first film with what amounts to an office job.

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