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Wow, it has been quiet here lately. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom promotion will likely start up in the upcoming months, so this the calm before the storm. We do have a few updates for you and we’ve also been keeping up with all of Bryce’s social media posts, check out all updates below!

x002 Cannes Film Festival – Manderlay Press Conference – May 17 Here


We finally got these photos in HQ with no watermark! yay!!

x016 Toronto International Film Festival – Loss Of A Teardrop Diamond Photocall – September 12 Here


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September 12, 2017 — “Here’s Who Should Play the Adult Losers’ Club in the ‘It’ Sequel”

— When we meet adult Beverly in the book, she’s stuck in an abusive relationship with her husband – a man she later admits reminded her of her own father. (Remember the dirtbag dad in the movie? He’s way worse in the book.) Bryce Dallas Howard has a passivity and vulnerability that fits Bev’s older persona, but she also has a quiet strength that makes her a natural fit to play a pushover who slowly comes into her own and takes her life back into her own hands. The characters begin to slip back into their Losers’ Club dynamic from their youth when they reunite as adults, and I think Howard could pick up where Sophia Lillis left off. I can picture Howard’s face as a flood of repressed memories rush back to Beverly about what the Losers endured as kids, a mixture of terror, shock, anguish, and dread flashing through her all at once. She’d ace it.

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August 15, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard’s Guide to Her “Restorative Safe Haven”

Howard’s favorite meal in the country to date, however, took place at The Landing, a luxury property on an award-winning vineyard in the Bay of Islands. There’s no set menu. Instead, guests can dive for their own crayfish and scallops in a nearby cove and the chefs will create dishes with the finds. Or, tuck into a garden-to-table meal “where the produce is particularly amazing. I just had a really killer meal there.”

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September 17, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard’s 5 Secret Spots to Visit in New Zealand”

“New Zealand is this magical dreamland,” she tells InStyle. “It’s like a utopia where the people radiate kindness and the adventures of the natural world call to you.”

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