Rocketman Press Tour Odds and Ends

Another press tour for Bryce Dallas Howard has concluded. Rocketman is officially out in all locations and Bryce is back home. Given that Bryce has mentioned several times that she is now full time directing, this might have been the last press tour we see of her as an actor until Jurassic World 3.  As always we have all the remaining coverage below. If you are interested more in interviews and articles, be sure to check out our sister page and press counterpart,!

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On May 30, Bryce and the cast of Rocketman attended a screening and Q&A for the The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences…. Do we sniff early Oscar considerations? Let hope so!

x027 >> Public Appearances >> 2019 >> The Academy of Motion Picture Arts Rocketman Screening – May 30 → Here


Last night Bryce and the cast of Rocketman hosted another screening and Q&A in Hollywood.

x013 >> Public Appearances >> 2019 >> Rocketman Screening and Q&A – June 1 → Here


Thanks so much to @bridgetbragerhair for sharing this photo of Bryce!

x001 >> Bryce in Social Media >> Portraits → Here

This photo was shared on Instagram, which may loook familiar because we put the “behind the scenes” shots of this photo in the Rocketman press Junket album months ago. Howver, now that we have a photo from the shoot, we made a new album for it in photo shoots!

x001 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #105 (Mathieu Zazzo) → Here

The new Rocketman : The Official Movie Companion book is out and features some brand new stills of Bryce! Thanks to tcsced for the photos!

x005 >> Movies >> Rocketman >> Movie Stills → Here


x001 >> Movies >> Rocketman >> On Set → Here

Here are some lucky folks who met Bryce during this end of the press tour!

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