Premiere of “Broken Memories” & More!

UPDATED: 11/15/17 1PM EST

Bryce and her dad, Ron Howard, attended the premiere of her grandfather’s (Rance Howard) film, Broken Memories, tonight in Beverly Hills! Check out the photo coverage and video below ↓

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After much internal debate, it was decided that my “Everything Else” album rules must stand for the sake of consistency, so all these photos below have been added to the “Everything Else” album, not the event album. (dang rules I set for myself)

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November 14, 2017 — “How Strangers in New Zealand Helped Bryce Dallas Howard Get Home to Her Kids

“Bryce Dallas Howard received a helping hand from strangers while in New Zealand, and she shared the heartwarming story on World Kindness Day.

The actress, who is also a Tourism Ambassador in New Zealand, was in the country filming a six-part National Geographic series when she found herself without a ride to get home to her kids.

She happened to meet some band members from Tunes of I, who offered to drive two hours out of their way to help her out!”

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Watch the cute video of Bryce with the band below!

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