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We wanted to get this update up quickly before the day ends because tomorrow Bryce will be attending the Cannes Film Festival and we’re bound to have a lot of content to report on. In this update we have a mix of just about everything that’s been trickling in over the past few days.

To start this off, here are some brand new candids of Bryce arriving at the Nice Airport in France for the Cannes Film Festival tomorrow.

x014 >> Candids >> Arriving at Nice Airport in France – May 15, 2019 → Here


As we’ve previously reported, Bryce & her friend Anna Akbari were guests on the Go Fund Me podcast True Stories of Good People which was recorded last month. That podcast will release tomorrow! Thanks to @kelsearaelittle for sharing these photo & we will update this post and place the podcast here in this space tomorrow (not to confuse it with Cannes coverage)

x002 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Everything Else → Here


There have been many new TV spots for Bryce’s upcoming film, Rocketman, but in this particular spot we have a glimpse of new footage from Bryce!

Watch the TV spot below and we’ve added a few caps of this clip to the gallery.

x004 >> Movies >> Rocketman >> TV Spot – Captures → Here


We also have news about yet another podcast Bryce did, this one for Katherine Schwarzenegger and her Pedigree sponsored podcast, called “The Dog That Changed Me”. Below is the description of the podcast according to Katherine.

I am Katherine Schwarzenegger and this is “The Dog That Changed Me”, a podcast about the power dogs have to transform our lives. In each episode I’ll talk to one guest about how their decision to rescue a dog has made them into the person they are today. We will hear from a variety of people; actors, singers, dancers, veterans and more! Instead of hearing about their professional career, we will be talking about their furry soulmates. On this show we celebrate every little thing that makes our dogs our best partners. Come join us and find out how the power of a single pup can change our world for the better.

“The Dog That Changed Me” is brought to you by PEDIGREE and produced by Dear Media Studio. The PEDIGREE brand believes that dogs bring out the good in us and that Pedigree brings out the good in them.


You can listen to the podcast HERE on iTunes or on our YouTube channel

London folks! Bryce is on the cover of Balance Magazine this month! You can go pick up a copy or read the interview in the article below! We also have digital scans up in our gallery.

x005 >> Magazine Scans >> Balance Magazine – May 2019 → Here



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