Jurassic World: The Ride

Some of the most exciting news we’ve heard in a long time is that Bryce reprised her role as “original Jurassic World” Claire Dearing for the new Jurassic World: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Last year, the ride itself began a 9 month transformation from the original Jurassic Park River Adventure to a reskinned and slightly altered/updated new rendition transforming it completely to line up with the Jurassic World brand. It is assumed that the story of the ride takes place before the 2015 movie. Because of this time frame, Bryce has been transforming her appearance back to the original “2015 Claire” look. Over the past 6 months we’ve seen the return of her shoulder length hair and also the darker red tone that has been absent since the filming for Jurassic World ended. We believe Bryce filmed her portion of the video around mid-April of this year.

Bryce, Chris Pratt, and BD Wong all return for the preshow video on loop in the queue line. From what we’ve gather, the video is roughly 20 minutes long and includes 100% brand new footage. Throughout the video Bryce is seen is 3 different outfits, including her signature Claire Dearing white skirt, blouse and even blazer! The 3 main segments featuring Bryce include an “interview” with Chris Pratt’s Owen, a lengthy segment in the Jurassic World control room (major 2015 vibes!), and mini segments with Claire popping up explaining the traits of the man dinosaurs you will see on the ride. We’ve combined a few videos together of park goers who were kind enough to share their queue videos online. There might be some of Owen’s “interview” in the raptor paddock missing, but we believe to have all of Claire’s footage at this time. We’ve also posted a behind the scenes video from filming the segments along with screen caps! You can watch both videos below.

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In addition to the preshow queue area, Bryce’s voice is also found ON the ride as you’re going through the different exhibits. She doesn’t narrate the entire ride, but pops in and out at different times. You can watch a full on ride video of the entire experience below!

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