“Dads” Documentary

Last fall it was announced that Bryce Dallas Howard was going to be directing a documentary called “Dads” with her father’s, Ron Howard, production company Imagine Entertainment. Here’s a quick recap on that project.

October 23, 2018Bryce Dallas Howard Directs Documentary ‘Dads’ For Imagine

Imagine Documentaries has begun production on Dads, a feature documentary that Bryce Dallas Howard is directing. The film is described as a humorous look at what it means to be a father in the modern era across the globe.

Said Ron Howard: “Fatherhood has factored into so many of the stories – both comedies and dramas – I’ve directed and produced, and of course, my experience as a son and a father of four has defined me on a foundational level. But this project will go deeper and be much more revealing in its excavation of the subject than anything I’ve ever been involved with before. As a dad, it both thrills and fascinates me to be collaborating with my daughter, Bryce, as she applies her own storytelling instincts to the subject and directs the film. Our creative conversations have already been surprising, hilarious and emotional and we are eager to share what we discover with audiences.”

“We’re already gaining profound insight into the responsibilities, the absurdities, the triumphs and the losses dad’s experience,” she said. “What we’ve uncovered so far has been emotional, enlightening, provocative, and insanely funny. My father is my hero and always has been, so it’s an honor and a privilege to get to share the stories of these remarkable dads from all walks of life, all heroes in their own right.”

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Last October and November Bryce announced the project and put out a post on social media asking for entries for her documentary.


It seems that product is just about wrapped up and more information is filtering through. Ron Howard posted an update on his Twitter page that he was on set of Bryce’s Dad’s Documentary. This time he was in the hot seat as daughter interviews father on the ins and outs of being a Dad.


Then today, Bryce herself tweeted out some on set photos dated November 28, 2018. Check out our new album below. We will update it if new photos come in!

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Lastly, here is the official press release of the project on  the Image Entertainment website.

“Dads” is the first feature length documentary under the newly formed Imagine Documentaries.

November, 2018

The stories that Imagine Entertainment strives to tell are both entertaining and emotionally powerful, so it is only fitting that the first film out of Imagine Documentaries taps into that legacy.

Set to be directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, Dads will be Howard’s first documentary feature as a director. The film invites audiences to a unique and humorous look at what it means to be a father in the modern era across the globe.

From the iconic film and subsequent hit television series Parenthood to the hilaw34arious Arrested Development, it’s hard to find an Imagine project that doesn’t involve a familial component, and Dads will bring another touching tale within the lens of absolute reality. Imagine Entertainment Chairmen Brian Grazer and Ron Howard will produce alongside Imagine Documentaries’ President Justin Wilkes, and Imagine Entertainment Co-Chairman Michael Rosenberg will serve as executive producer.

With Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard both attached to the project, the family-centric narrative on film has already taken on a deeper meaning that goes beyond the stories on screen—it’s a father-daughter creative connection that will only add power to the compelling new project.


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