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January 29, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard: Recognize That Your Body Is Your Best Girlfriend”

“Recognize that your body is your best girlfriend,” she said. “It’s a weird esoteric concept, but it works. You have to think about it like she’s there for me no matter what I put her through, no matter how much I neglect her or I’m inconsistent with her, she is there for me. Because of her, I’m able to work, I’m able to have children, I’m able to be in the world, and I’m able to enjoy things.”

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January 29, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard on her short film, Hollywood’s gender gap, and her dad”

“I don’t know at what point that became something that was rare, but the more examples that we can have of folks leading healthy, happy, balanced, able lives where they’re good people and grateful and respectful and pursuing something artistic”

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January 28, 2016 — “Sundance Spotlight: Meet the Festival’s Rising Stars”

“It was really cool to think about it in terms of that and what our clothing means to us throughout time and what that says about a person’s life.”

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January 26, 2016 — “Watch Bryce Dallas Howard’s Adorable 60-Second Love Letter to Shoes”

“It is humbling to learn that so many people all over the world have searched on IMDb to learn more about me and the projects I was involved with in 2015.”

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