Update: Talk Show Gallery

The “Talk Show” gallery has been completely renovated! Instead of having one album for all the photos of that particular talk show, I’ve changed it around so that Captures, Professional Stills, and photos from Social Media can be split into separate folders. This was impossible with the old layout. They’ve also been separated by year. Hopefully this adds more organization and makes it more user friendly! Be sure to click through all the new albums because there are hidden gems everywhere! Along with rearranging the layout, many new photos have been added here and there.

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Larger notable additions include…

The Today Show – November 14, 2011 (w/ Ron Howard)
The Tonight Show – August 8, 2011
The Tonight Show – June 26, 2010
The Tonight Show – January 13, 2010

Today   The Tonight Show With Jay Leno   The Tonight Show with Jay Leno   The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Good Morning America – August 4, 2011
The Today Show – July 7, 2010
The Tonight Show – May 3, 2007
CBS Early Show – May 7, 2007

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2011     The Tonight Show with Jay Leno   06bb5a55

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