Ron Howard Talks About Working With Bryce

In a recent interview with Yahoo, Ron Howard is asked if Bryce has ever tried to get him to be in one of her directed films. Check out his answer below ↓

I know your daughter, Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard, has spent the past few years directing short films — most recently Solemates, which played at this past January’s Sundance Film Festival. Has she tried to get you to act in one of her productions?

Well, she hasn’t yet, and she’s always bothering me about wanting me to cast her in something. I have called her a couple of times, and she’s turned me down. [Laughs]

But the reality is that she loves the process, she’s worked with so many interesting directors, and she adores acting and is very challenged by that — but she definitely will direct feature films at some point, I’m sure.

I keep telling her, the best way for us to work together may wind up being you casting me in something: ‘Maybe I’ll finally make time in my schedule to act again if it’s you I’m working for.’ So we’ll see. She’s got the next Jurassic to think about in the near horizon, so that’s going to eat up some time.


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