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‘Rocketman’ UK Press Tour Updates

We’re back! You may have noticed our site was down for the past few days. Sorry about that! Our servers were down, but we’re back! The UK press tour for Rocketman has concluded so here are a ton of final updates from that! Also we’ve added a TON of videos to youtube and we keep adding them, so make sure you are subscribed to our channel!Next week the US press begins!


Bryce visited the BBC Radio 2 studios on May 20 for an interview. We have the candids below and also the interview!

x082 >> Candids >> BBC Radio 2 Studios London – May 21, 2019 → Here


x002 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #103 → Here


We’ve updated this Rocketman London Premiere album to 209!

+x209 Public Appearances >> Rocketman London Premiere → Here


Bryce did a few portraits for W Magazine. Check those out below!

x002 >> Photo Shoots >> Set #102 (Victoria Steves) → Here


Social Media updates! Bryce posted a bunch of photos of all her outfits (7 in total!) during the UK Rocketman press tour. We’ve collected all of those photos and put them in the “Bryce’s Posts” album in the gallery! Also, Bryce did a live Q&A over Instagram on  May 21, we uploaded that to youtube!

x009 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts → Here


x005 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Everything Else → Here


x001 >>Public Appearances >> Rocketman UK Press Junket → Here

x012 >> Movies >> Rocketman >> B-Roll → Here

x001 >> Movies >> Rocketman >> On Set → Here

Some Interviews… The second one is particularly interesting if your curious how Bryce choosing clothing for premieres and press tours, and also what happens to her old premiere dresses.

May 22, 2019 – Rocketman Star Bryce Dallas Howard Says She Votes for the Environment With Every Dollar She Spends

Interestingly enough, like how my parents who are in the same generation as Elton John, they were listening to music that they had grown up with from their parents’ generation, I listened to a lot of music of my parents’ generation.

What’s crazy is that part of my introduction to Elton John was The Lion King because it came out when I was a kid. I remember falling in love with that movie and the soundtrack as everyone did, and then wanting to listen to more Elton John, so, I remember that being a segue for me.

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May 21, 2019 – Bryce Dallas Howard Talks Wearing Resale on ‘Rocketman’ Tour, Playing Elton John’s Mom
I don’t work with a stylist. I haven’t for quite a long time, but I get very good advice from my publicist Alex Schack. It’s funny because I was actually just telling someone the story of me buying [my red carpet] clothes and I realized that it started at my very first trip to Cannes when I was here with a Lars von Trier movie, Manderlay, in 2005. I managed to borrow a dress from Zac Posen, who is so lovely and ended up making my wedding dress later. And for everything else I didn’t really know what to do!
Usually, I keep the premiere dresses to auction and I’ve done maybe ten total including the [$300 ruby sequined Dress the Population gown from] the 2017 SAG Awards, the [$240 Topshop dress at the] 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards, dresses from the Jurassic World and Pete’s Dragon premieres, and a couple others last year. And I’ve resold at least 50 other red carpet looks.

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