One Huge Hawaii Press Junket Recap

Now that Jurassic World has been officially released, we decided to make a recap post just so everything’s all in one place!

All videos, interviews, and photos can be found throughout the website as always, but here’s a summary of everything from the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-Ray Press Junket!

Photos – 46
Gallery – Jurassic World DVD Blu-ray Press Junket – September 23-24, 2015

Interviews – 11
The Daily Telegraph“Bryce Dallas Howard happy for scrutiny of women’s roles but says views not miss mark in Jurassic World”
“Pale-Skinned Bryce Dallas Howard Dodges the Sun”
IGN “Classic Characters Could Return For Jurassic World 2” “Inside The real Jurassic Park”
Toronto Sun“Bryce Dallas Howard Can’t Wait For Jurassic World 2”
Yahoo News “Bryce Dallas Howard Thanks the Kardashians For Teaching Her To Accept Her Curves”
People “Bryce Dallas Howard Remains Proud of Those High-Heeled Jurassic World Sprints”
Comic Book Resources “Bryce Dallas Howard Loves Being Jurassic World’s Flawed Hero”
People “Why I’m Keeping My Kids Away From Hollywood’s ‘Glamorous'”
Cosmopolitan “Bryce Dallas Howard Thinks Heelgate Was Feminist”
Huffington Post “Bryce Dallas Howard On The Future of Jurassic World”

Videos – 11
Bryce Dallas Howard at the Luau in Hawaii
Bryce Dallas Howard – MTV Snapchat
Snapchat Promoting Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Release
HLN Hollywood – Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket Interview
Yahoo News – Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket Interview
Jurassic World Cast Play ‘Would You Rather JURASSIC EDITION’ – MTV UK
JoBlo – Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket Interview
IGN – Classic Characters For Jurassic World 2
Jurassic World DVD/Blu-ray Press Junket Interview
Collider – Jurassic World DVD/Blu-Ray Interview
eTalk Extra – Jurassic World DVD/Blu-Ray Interview

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