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Bryce Dallas Howard completed her first year of teaching at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her class focused on wearing many hats at the same time in the entertainment industry. As we all know, Bryce has been working as an actor, director, writer, and producer (sometimes co-currently!) so there’s really no one better to provide wisdom on the topic. Congratulations to Bryce on completely her first year and best of luck to all her students!

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NYU Tisch School Of The Arts


“Finished my first year as a teacher! The past two semesters, I’ve had the immense privilege of collaborating with a group of brilliant artists at NYU Tisch Drama as we practiced what it means to a multi-hyphenate (actor-writer-director-producer-etc.) in the entertainment industry. Seeing these dedicated students put 100% of their passion, creativity, and hard work reminds me how exciting is it to be a student and that I should try to always be a student in life — always asking questions, leading from curiosity, and challenging myself. Thank you Nine Muses Lab 2018-19 for a wonderful year. I wish you all the best in your pursuits and dreams. Can’t wait to return to school next fall!”

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May 8, 2019 – Tisch Drama ‘Women in Theatre’ Series Welcomes Bryce Dallas Howard

Acclaimed actor, director, writer, and producer Bryce Dallas Howard underscored the importance of an artist’s process, as well as collaboration and innovation, during Tisch Drama’s Women in Theatre series.

The former Tisch Drama student reflected on her multifaceted career, emphasizing her collaboration with Tisch Drama Chair Rubén Polendo.

“The process I inherited with Rubén and Theater Mitu was very, very structured,” said Dallas Howard. “There was a lot of dramaturgy work—us sitting around a table. And you do need that process. [As actors] we are tearing the limits of our own humanity and our own ego. It is an overwhelming experience. So this was us really looking at the text, and asking ourselves, ‘what are the personal things that are going to come up for me? What are my unconscious biases?’ Having that process removed me from sort of the overwhelm.”

Polendo also reminisced on Howard’s time at Tisch Drama—“I remember when she walked through these halls, like each of you,” he said to the students—and noted how her trajectory provides a great example of what a multifaceted artist’s career can look like.

“Not only has Bryce succeeded as this amazing actor in both theatre and film, she has also gone on to write, direct, produce, and really carve out a path for future artists dedicated to innovation and investigation of this ever-evolving field,” he said—noting her partnership with Tisch Drama through the Nine Muses internship program.

The Nine Muses program, held weekly over the course of the semester, invited Tisch Drama students to study under Howard, and work with her in creating new work.

“I’ve had some remarkable mentors in my life who have helped me cultivate and enrich my understanding of the creative process and the benefits of unique styles of collaboration,” Howard said. “I’m so grateful for what’s unquestionably one of the most creatively stimulating times of my life, and I’m thrilled to share and collaborate with these young artists at this moment in my career. I hope that this class can be a one-of-a-kind of experience that provides students an opportunity to connect generations of storytellers for mutually beneficial collaboration. I envision this class as a springboard for lifelong relationships and ongoing creative endeavors.”


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