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December 25, 2016 — “For many Hollywood stars, Christmas is time with family”

Bryce Dallas Howard: “What I have been trying to do lately, and there are so many companies that are doing this, is find products or gifts that have some sort of altruistic goals built into their business plan. It’s like Toms Shoes—you buy a pair of shoes, and a pair of shoes gets donated, or a feed bag. What I try to do is I make a list of what those companies might be, then try to center things around that. But we have a rule in my family that we don’t give gifts over $50. Because we are Scrooge! Just so we don’t have pressure. We all have different kinds of jobs. It’s only for direct family members. We get to open the gifts on Christmas Eve. We spend a lot of time together and watch a lot of screeners (laughs). And on New Year’s (Eve and Day) is black-eyed peas (a traditional New Year dish in America’s South for good luck). We are always with my parents (director Ron Howard and Cheryl) in Connecticut. And Santa (Claus) stuff. There’s never been a moment in, like, 35 years in my parents’ household where there hasn’t been young children around.”

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December 25, 2016 — “Hollywood Celebrates Christmas”

Bryce, who also stars in Gold shares one of my own traditions. “The night before.  We get to open a gift on Christmas Eve. We spent a lot of time together watching a lot of movies. On New Years is black eyed peas and there’s just a rhythm to the holidays. The same people gather every year, always with my parents, in Connecticut. We do Santa stuff. In 35 years, in my parent’s household, every Christmas is really centered towards young kids; whether it would be us growing up or my younger cousins or now, my kids and my sibling’s kids. So every Christmas has stayed the same routine. It’s about the kids.”

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