Newly Resurrected Project – “The Originals”

A project called “The Originals” has recently appeared on Bryce’s IMDB page. According to articles dating back to 2009, this project was co-written by Bryce and would be director by her father. It was also originally speculated that Bryce would appear in the film in addition to directing.

“Universal and Imagine [Entertainment] (Ron Howard’s company) have picked up the rights for “The Originals,” a drama written by Bryce Dallas Howard and Dane Charbeneau.” – June 9, 2009 (source)

The plot as described in 2009….

“The film will be an ensemble piece about a group of twenty somethings who reunite over a weekend in New York. They come together when they discover that one of the teachers who played an important part in their youth has fallen into a mysterious coma.” (source)

This project was once again brought to light in 2011 when it was announced that “The Originals” was going to be her directorial debut.

“She’s been developing a screenplay over the past two years called The Originals, which she’s using to jump start her directorial career.” – March 2, 2011 (source)

In addition to IMDB, aceshowbiz now has the movie listed with the following information

Cast and Crew

Bryce Dallas Howard
Brian Grazer, Ron Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard, Dane Charbeneau
Yohance Myles
A group of childhood friends who reunite in young adulthood when their former teacher falls into a coma

It seems that after 6 years, “The Originals” may be once again returning to the surface.

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