New Portraits And A New Project!

Hello Bryce fans! Hope everyone is staying warm this January. While news has been a bit slow after the holidays, it seems to be picking up once again! Bryce’s hair stylist @hairbyadir posted some brand new gorgeous portraits taken this morning! Bryce also changed all of her profile pictures on social media to one of the beautiful black and white images. What were these photos taken for you ask? Your guess is as good as ours! With so many directing/Producing projects in the immediate line up, it could be anything…. or something unannounced at this point. Either way, it’s exciting times!

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It was also announced that Bryce will be teaming up with her costar and good friend from The Help, Octavia Spencer, on a new project for Universal entitledd Fairy Tale Ending. Both ladies will be producing the project. Little is known whether Bryce will be playing a directing role here or even an acting role, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this!


January 16, 2019
‘The Help’s Bryce Dallas Howard & Octavia Spencer Reteam For Uni’s ‘Fairy Tale Ending’

The Help stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will be working together again in Universal’s upcoming female ensemble comedy Fairy Tale Ending.

Howard will produce through her Nine Muses Entertainment label alongside Eric Carlson and Susan Carlson who will produce through their CK&D Media. Seth MacFarlane, who directed the Ted cinematic comedy canon for Uni, will produce with Erica Huggins at their production company, Fuzzy Door. Spencer will also executive produce alongside Hecht and McMillan.

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Also, here are some super late interviews that we shared on social media, but didn’t want to leave out posting here! For your convenience, all interviews and articles are always added to the Interviews and Articles page on our website!

January 15, 2019
My worst moment: Bryce Dallas Howard and getting panned in her first big role

“As a young actor, getting a bad review in the New York Times, that’s one of your nightmares, and in this case it was like being found out. You’ve been caught and you just have to surrender to the situation that you’re in and take responsibility. But it was super freeing because the worst-case scenario happened and I got through it.

“When I look back and remember the distress I felt of not being at the level that’s being asked of you, that was very painful. But seeing that I could be reviewed (badly) and that I could turn it around so quickly was so comforting. I wasn’t living in that fear anymore.

“All of this stuff initially had to do with wanting to ‘make it.’ Being like, oh gosh, what’s the consequence of this kind of public feedback? But when you’re thinking about mastery rather than a career — because a career has to do with money and how you support yourself — but this was about my artistic development, looking at that and being like, yeah of course I’m not there yet. So what am I going to do to get there? You take the feedback and you keep practicing.

“It was definitely intensely embarrassing, but ultimately encouraging and kind of like divine intervention. It took some time and a big old paradigm-shifting event to get me to that next level. This was also not just about getting out of my own way, it was about practice and the expertise of those around me and the honesty of my friends and the candor. And specificity of that review, because there was actual feedback and concrete insights I could apply.”

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December 17, 2018
An affinity for animals

My sister Paige is the most enthusiastic person I know and so genuine and incredibly adorable and earnest and just so heart-centered—and she has a dog who is her life partner. This dog—his name is Beau—is her life. We don’t really know what he is, but he’s small and kind of white and adorable.

So when I think about Bella, I just think of my sister Paige and that very, very deep bond between her and Beau. She has a wonderful boyfriend, but the first question all of us asked was, “What does Beau think?” If Beau doesn’t like him, then he is gone. [laugh] A relationship with a dog or any animal kind of transcends what you would typically assume one of those relationships would be like and becomes almost like a soulmate.

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November 2, 2018
Home Entertainment Interview: Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard For ‘Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom’

As an actor, on every single job you are just there to be of service to the filmmakers and that team, ultimately. We are like independent contractors who are brought in to provide a service. But, sometimes, you are lucky and sometimes you get brought in and you are hired to perform a service and they draw you into the inner circle and you get to be privy to their process. And sometimes you get to collaborate with them in that process. While we were making the first movie, Colin Trevorrow was an incredibly collaborative individual, and so we were always fantasising about what a second movie could be and what a third movie could be. And Colin definitely had a very clear vision from the start with Steven Spielberg that they had worked out. Then, with this one, naturally, it was the same exact thing, talking about what might be possible. That is part of the fun. We do have a definite sense of the direction it’s going in.

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