New photos and “Portraits” album!

To better organize the ever expanding “Everything Else” album under “Bryce In Social Media“, I’ve added an additional album called “Portraits“. This album is specifically for photos shared by hair and makeup people and outfit documentation style photos. There are currently 60 photos in the new album!

Thanks to brigittemakeup for sharing this photo!

001x Bryce in Social Media >> Portraits → Here


Bryce’s portrait style photos from her personal account will remain in the “Bryce’s Posts” album, like the one below!

001x Bryce in Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts → Here


Bryce attended the BAFTA screening of Black Mirror in NYC yesterday!

001x Public Appearances >> BAFTA Screening of “Black MIrror” – October 26 Here

E! News | “Black Mirror” Interview → Here

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