New Jurassic World Stills! released many new production stills of Jurassic World today, including 5 new Claire stills!

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claire-standing-near-plant-in-white-dress-looking-out-over-paddock   claire_1440x653-1   claire-in-white-dress-outside-in-wind   claire-standing-in-glass-hallway-above-paddock

November 2, 2016 — “Bryce Dallas Howard’s Family Could Barely Sit Through Her Episode of Black Mirror

“When I started Instagram, it was just me posting! But then at some point, like eight months ago, I realized I could see what other people were sharing. It was so exciting and so fun, but it was like I’d already gotten into the rhythm of sharing and not worrying about what it was like compared to other accounts. I think that was kind of protective, in a way.”

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