New Jurassic World BTS Footage!

A bunch of new behind the scenes videos of Jurassic World have been popping up! I’ve organized within this post all the extra features from the DVD/Blu-Ray, the Target Exclusives, as well as the newly released footage. Enjoy!

Check out screen caps from ALL the behind the scenes features → Here

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Newly Release Footage
New Behind The Scenes Footage → Here
Before Special Effects Were Added → Here

DVD/Blu-Ray Features
Welcome to Jurassic World → Here
All Access Pass → Here
Dinosaurs Roam Once Again → Here
Chris and Colin take on The World → Here
Innovation Center Tour with Chris Pratt → Here
Deleted Scenes → Here
Link to Playlist → Here

Target Exclusives
Classic Jurassic → Here
Building the Gyrosphere → Here
Behind The Scenes with Jimmy Fallon → Here
Jurassic Props → Here
The Experts → Here
The Sounds And The Fury → Here
Link to Playlist → Here

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