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November 3, 2015 — “Bryce Dallas Howard Believes In The Power Of Your Dreams”

“When I kind of look back on how things evolved for me there’s one thing that consistently that I go to and I look to and say that actually makes a difference for me and that is that as someone in high school I got really involved in the things that I was interested in”

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Bryce is back to red hair! I normally don’t endorse paparazzi photos on here, but this is somewhat newsworthy. Bryce was spotted leaving an LA gym on Monday November 2, 2015 with her hair back to it’s original red. If you remember, she recently dyed it blonde a few months ago for the movie Gold, which will be released fall 2016.

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Somehow I missed this video from the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-Ray Press Junket last month, so it’s been added to the video gallery and our YouTube page!

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Speaking of our Youtube page, if you’re a subscriber (thank you!) you’ve noticed a huge influx of videos being uploaded! That’s due to the continuing efforts of creating Playlists equivalent to our video page that will provide user friendly access to all Bryce videos. So bare with us as we work hard to upload and organize those!

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