Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Madrid Premiere

It’s the first premiere date for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!! Woo!! The movie held it’s world premiere in Madrid, Spain tonight. We have all the coverage for you right here (and there is a lot), so let’s get started!

x070 >> Public Appearances >>Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Premiere in Madrid – May 21 → Here


When organizing this next group, a lot of debate went on… Should these social media photos go in with the event itself, or should they go in the social media’s “everything else” album OR should just the fan photos stay there and all the other photos from the event go in the event folder? BUTT what if tehre is social media writing on it? See the inner struggle here? SO we’re staying with what we’ve been doing for a while now, social media photos from events go in “everything else” and HQ and carpet photos form the event go in the event album. This is how we’re going to continue doing it… For now. SO behold, all the photos from social media today (not posted by Bryce, because as you, those have a special exception rule).

x019 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Everything Else → Here


Next we have Bryce’s photos that she uploaded herself from the day!

x009 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts → Here


Thanks to Bryce’s glam squad, brycescarlett and karayoshimotomua, for these portraits!

x004 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Portraits → Here




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