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We’ve updated the gallery with a few photos that have been popping up including adding 48 photos to this Rocketman press conference which took place on May 20, 2019.

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Thanks to our friends over at The Jurassic Podcast, we learned that Bryce will be voicing Claire once again in the new DLC coming to the Jurassic World Evolution game titled “Claire’s Sanctuary”. Read more about it in the linked article below. We’ve also added the trailer.

May 24, 2019 | New Jurassic World Evolution ‘Claire’s Sanctuary’ DLC |

We were also given a look at the brand new paid DLC for Jurassic World Evolution – titled ‘Claire’s Sanctuary’. The new DLC will include feature a brand-new narrative story – and it will take a different tone to the pre-existing campaigns already present in Evolution, providing players with a brand-new focus. Bryce Dallas Howard is returning to voice Claire as a part of the DLC, and the DLC will see several new elements added to the overall game. These will include two new playable maps, one being a brand-new Island called ‘Claire’s Sanctuary’. Claire’s sanctuary is the island which Benjamin Lockwood had planned to use to rescue the dinosaurs in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – and has been fully licensed by Universal so Frontier can use its exact likeness within the game. The second location is a new portion of Isla Nublar – called ‘Nublar North’.


May 24, 2019 | Elton John Lyricist Bernie Taupin Opens Art Exhibit in Beverly Hills |

‘Rocketman’ star Bryce Dallas Howard and actress Kathleen Quinlan were among the guests at the songwriter’s largest exhibit yet.

Guests spotted mingling in the spacious 12,000 square foot location at Galerie Michael in the 2 Rodeo Drive Gold shopping complex included actresses Kathleen Quinlan and Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays John’s mother, Sheila, in the biopic Rocketman which chronicles John and Taupin’s long-running collaboration.


Bryce and Seth posted more photos from this evening on their Instagram pages.


June 7, 2019Rocketman’s Bryce Dallas Howard on Elton John’s Mother, Taron Egerton’s Underwear, and That Accent

“I worked with a wonderful dialect coach, and I actually stayed in the accent the entire time. The process is like learning a language. If you immerse yourself in the country, and you’re speaking in a language all the time, your brain is going to connect the dots much faster than practicing in isolated spurts. The fact that we were shooting in the UK, I thought to myself, “I might as well just go for it.” I did that as well on a movie that I did years ago with Kenneth Branagh, called As You Like It. I did a British accent on that which was really fun. David Oyelowo was actually the person who told me — encouraged me — to do that. To stay in the accent the whole time. He’s a very loving person, and so he made me feel not embarrassed about it. I’m really grateful to him for that! So that’s kind of always been my approach to a dialect.

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