Jurassic World Dominion Stills and More!!!

Huge news here!!! The first official Jurassic World Funko Pop has been announced and it is the epic Claire with Flare!!! This flawless Funko is a Walmart exclusive and can be pre-ordered HERE on Walmart’s website. The released date is listed as August 27, 2022.


Will Bryce be hopping across the country with the Lindt bunny? Possibly? Not much has been reported on this outside of this one article. Bryce shared some photos of recent Lindt event on social media, but not much is really explained on what will be happening across the country. Easter is right around the corner… So we’ll have to wait and see.

This Easter season, Lindt is bringing together actor and director Bryce Dallas Howard and the iconic GOLD BUNNY to make Easter moments magical for everyone. Today, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY kicked off its cross-country journey to spread Easter joy. During this trek, the Lindt GOLD BUNNY will be stopping at six Lindt Chocolate Shops to gift free GOLD BUNNY chocolates to those who visit the stores. Those attending are also encouraged to share a selfie with the Lindt GOLD BUNNY, using #LindtGOLDBUNNY, to share their love of the Easter season.

Howard will be inviting fans and consumers to follow the Lindt GOLD BUNNY’s tour via Lindt’s Instagram – @Lindt_USA – for clues around its next destination and for a chance to win a Lindt GOLD BUNNY prize. Howard will also be meeting up with Lindt GOLD BUNNY at its final stop in New York City just ahead of Easter at a Lindt garden party event to share her tips for building a whimsical Easter basket that recipients will love.

“Easter at the Howards is not complete without Lindt GOLD BUNNY in our baskets — it’s the ultimate bounty after a morning of egg hunting. And growing up with 3 other siblings… well, you can imagine the intensity,” shared Howard. “For my family and me, Lindt GOLD BUNNY helps us create lifelong — and delicious — memories. Enjoying it every year, truly brings out my inner kid.”


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We know the Empire Magazine news is huge and has been out for a few days, but we wanted to wait until magazine came out before making this post. We knew there would be still coming out daily until then and we didn’t want anything left out! Below you will find the cover photo shoot and all stills that include Claire.

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There is also a new EPIC poster and behind the scenes featurette with new Claire clips and Bryce interview spots. Screen caps will be added below as soon as we make them!

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