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Bryce Dallas Howard is nominated for a Teen Choice Award! Vote for her now in the category of “Choice Summer Movie Actress”. You can vote up to 10 times a day in each category. Also, vote for her co-star Chris Pratt and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom for best summer movie!

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Catching up a bit here. Bryce was on Access Live on Friday, June 22 and we have the coverage below!

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Bryce is currently in Japan promoting the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (July 13). That premiere will be June 27.

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The much anticipated Jurassic World novel, “The Evolution of Claire” was released on June 26 and we got to talk with author Tess Sharpe! Check out our interview below and stay tuned for some exclusive signed copy giveaways as well!

June 24, 2018Jurassic star Bryce Dallas Howard on reimagining Spielberg’s “terrifying” classic

Getting to play the determined, focused, yet clumsy and at times self-righteous Claire has also been a joy for Howard. “I think that the way that I’ve always thought about Claire — I shouldn’t speak for Chris but I will for just a second — I think it’s the same case for Owen,” she says.

“These characters are almost like cousins to our own personality. So it’s like Claire could definitely be my first cousin; Owen could definitely be Chris’ first cousin.

“There are inherent similarities between both of our personalities with our characters and I think with Claire, specifically, I really relate to her focus, her determination. She’s like a bit of a dork, so am I.”

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June 21, 2018Bryce Dallas Howard semi-risked her life to do this interview about Jurassic World with me

I insisted. I did. Because the moment was there where I was in the Dinosaur Protection Group office, and in the following scene I was in Lockwood’s mansion, and it was originally written for me to wear sneakers, and I was like, no. That’s less believable than dinosaurs being reanimated. This is a woman who outran a T-Rex in high heeled shoes, if she’s going to the office, she’s comfortable in heels. That was something that was really definitely important to me, because it felt really empowering to me personally, getting to play out that journey in the first movie, and the only thing that felt right was having an opening shot with high heels. Then of course when she goes to the island she’s prepared. She knows she’s going to be running around.

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