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January 27, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard talks ‘Gold,’ NYU and high-heel backlash”

I hear you’ve got plans to return to NYU to finish your degree.
“Well, it’s something that I’ve been chipping away at for far too long, but really enjoying myself. I’ll finish it up by actually being able to attend classes. You know, it’s not the most straight forward way to do everything online.”

Any place you’re looking forward to going when you return to college life?
“Angelica Kitchen I’m really into. … And, I mean, I just like to hang out in the West Village, mostly.”

Regarding the “Jurassic World” sequel, there’s whispers the heels will be coming off for your character, Claire, this time.
“Honestly? [Because of the high-heel backlash in the 2015 film] now I want her to wear heels. Plus, I became such an expert at ankle exercises, you have no idea.”

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January 27, 2017 — “Bryce Dallas Howard interview: Gold, Black Mirror and Jurassic World 2″

“It’s just fun getting to work with him because he’s at this moment in his career where there’s so much creativity, exploration and courageousness. On set, it was so fun because we would shoot and shoot and shoot and at a certain point you lost track of when they were actually filming. Scenes would come alive. I haven’t always felt that I’ve been able to inhabit a character in the way that I got to inhabit Kay.”

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