Gold Press Week!

It’s going to get hectic again this week as Gold premieres in theaters THIS FRIDAY(January 27)! Be sure to go out an see it!. As always we will keep you updated with EVERYTHING that happens. Here’s a look at Bryce’s TV appearances this week.

January 25 – Late Night with Seth Meyers | NBC 12:35am
January 26 – Live with Andy Cohen | Bravo 11pm
January 27 – Harry Connick Jr. Show | Check Local Listings

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January 23, 2017 — “On Buying Her Red Carpet Dresses: ‘I Want to Feel Good’

“I have a few girlfriends I look up to in terms of style. I went to college with Daphne Javitch and Katherine Waterston. Daphne and Katherine are really good friends. They were at various times in my young life — I was their project. They’re supportive girlfriends,” says Howard. “I had to accept that loungewear is not acceptable in all circumstances. It was more about having fun and figuring it out. When I was 20, all I wanted to do was look 38. Now, here I am, I’m almost 36 — yes, a blazer is going to always work! Daphne and Katherine would show me paintings of women with curves. Look how sensual this is. They would encourage that.”

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