Gallery Updates!

We’re working hard to properly archive Bryce’s professional work and career for you guys! Not only do we strive to make BDH Network the most updated and detailed resource, but also one of the very best quality. My goal is to put Bryce’s career on display for everyone to enjoy, using the best quality available. In accordance with that, I’ve been acquiring as many HQ photos as possible and, one by one, updating each album, with no duplicates guaranteed! The first albums to be completely renovated are featured below (beginning from the bottom up with 2003)!

A full renovation to every album is in the works to make BDH Network THE source for all your Bryce Dallas Howard needs!

Also, finally got this full Jurassic World still which has only been used for promo and marketing thus far!

x001 Movies >> Jurassic World >> Movie Stills Here

x012 Public Appearances >> 2003 >> Opening Night Of “Tartuffe” – January 9 Here


x106 Public Appearances >> 2003 >> “The Village” New York Premiere – July 26 Here


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