Cannes Film Festival

Before I get into the coverage, I have some really sad news to report on…. Instagram has disabled the BDHnetwork Instagram account. Their reasoning was “Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else”. This obviously is absurd and must be a mistake. We’re clearing a Bryce Dallas Howard new source and promote ourselves as such. I’ve reached out to Instagram, but as you may know, once this happens it’s nearly impossible to get the account back. We’ll keep you updated if there are any changes, but due to this circumstance, our Instagram account is gone indefinitely.

On to Cannes… Bryce attended 3 different events today and changed into 3 different outfits! We have full coverage of all 3 below. Also, if any videos pop up, we will be sure to add them to the bottom of this post. Apologies for being so late on this, but Instagram has thrown us for a loop, for sure.

x236 >> Public Appearances >> Cannes Film Festival (Photo Call) – May 16 → Here



x119 >> Public Appearances >> Cannes Film Festival (Red Carpet) – May 16 → Here



x023 >> Public Appearances >> Cannes Film Festival (After Party) – May 16 → Here


x006 >> Bryce In Social Media >> Bryce’s Posts → Here


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