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Bryce’s full speech to her father can now be read online…

October 16, 2015 — “Read Bryce Dallas Howard’s Speech To Her Dad, Ron”

My father was my hero, and he still is…”

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Another video interview from the Jurassic World DVD/Blu-Ray press Junket is up! This one comes from or more specifically, @arcticninja on Twitter. View this video and more on our Videos page, in the ‘Online Interviews > Jurassic World DVD’ section!!

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Recently IGN posted a small snip-it of their Bryce interview where they asked her which Jurassic Park character she’d like to see return. This has been added to our Interview page!

“All of them. I should just say all of them. It’s just so exciting… these characters, for the most part, you would image that they’re still around, they’re still working, and they have opinions about what’s happening and may or may not need to get involved in what’s happening.”

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Also more photos (currently 67 total!) have been added to the DGA Honors 2015 Gala album!






Last night Jessica Chastain was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked a bit about Bryce, check it out!

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