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On June 7th journalists were invited to a sneak peak event for Pete’s Dragon which also featured a Q&A with director David Lowery and Bryce. Combining all the articles over this past week, you can kind of piece together the entire Q&A and the folks over at Comic Book Resource just filled in more pieces with their article today. Check it out below.

June 19, 2016 — “David Lowery and Bryce Dallas Howard Shed Light on Pete’s Dragon”

“I remember I was developing a few projects, and I saw “Up,” and I made a decision. I was, like, every movie I do is starting with the character as a child because it’s so … when you see a child when we’re watching movies, or experiencing theater, or entertainment, or art in any form, we’re leaning toward the truth. We want to see the truth. We know what feels truthful, and we know what doesn’t feel truthful because we’re human beings and that’s how we’re designed.”

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